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Welcome to Ag Council's page for our podcast, Capitol Farm Connection.  Stay tuned for routine policy updates impacting California's farming community.

Jul 16, 2020

You are at risk of higher property taxes due to Prop. 15, a ballot initiative qualified for the November election.  Prop. 15 would repeal Prop. 13 property tax protections for businesses in California.  Emily and Tricia break down Prop. 13, Prop. 15 that's qualified for November, all of the political issues surrounding the two propositions and discuss what Ag Council is doing about it.  

**Today's key take-away:  if you want to defeat higher property taxes, vote no on Prop. 15!**

To participate in, or to learn more about the opposition efforts, go to:

This podcast is in Q + A format.  Questions include:

- What is the original Prop. 13 as we know it?

- What exactly has qualified for the November 2020 ballot?

- Why should agriculture care?

- Didn't we vote on this already?

- What is the title of Prop. 15 in November?

- What is Ag Council doing about it?

- How can I participate?

Learn about all of this and more in today's episode of "In A Nutshell."